I am proud to announce Tracy Swartz, The Domestic Gourdess is our first monthly winner of the Brass Ring Blogger award! Congratulations are in order for Tracy who purchased Brass Ring Blogging and in 48 hours had a “gourdacious” blog setup and fully monetized! And yes, she’s already made money from her blog folks — affiliate sales, product sales and Adsense income!

As this month’s winner, Tracy will receive one month of personalized, custom SEO Training from Greg and I, designed to catapult her even further into the blogosphere and generate more money! If you want to be considered for next month’s contest, all you have to do is purchase Brass Ring Blogging, get your blog up as running as smoothly as Tracy did, and send us the link!

Before purchasing Brass Ring Blogging, Tracy had never created her own blog from scratch. Our step-by-step instructions guided her through each step, here’s what she had to say about it:

I now have my very own space on the web.  Yup, I did it and it€™s all thanks to one Stephanie Mulac for introducing me to her wonderful Brass Ring Blogging.For such an affordable price, you get step-by-step instructions to setting up your very own blog space on the Internet.  Yes, I am now the proud owner of TheDomesticGourdess.com   

It€™s so easy.  Okay, it€™s really easy after you un-zip zipped files.  That was a most embarrassing moment when we figured out I was trying to upload zipped files.  After that, it was smooth sailing! 

The customer service Stephanie offers is amazing.  She€™s friendly, responsive, and goes out of her way to help you out when you get stuck. Having worked in the customer service sector for nine years, I know and fully appreciate it when I get it. 

And, I have now entered the world of monetized blogs.  What€™s that mean?  It€™s passive income baby, passive income!   Did you know you could have affiliates on your site?  How it works is like this, someone comes and visits www.TheDomesticGourdess.com and notices an advertisement say about gourds or anything else that interests them.  They click on the link and if they make a purchase, I get paid for it. 

 Now that€™s simplicity, ease and checks in the mail!Tracy Swartz
Walbridge, OH

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