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Earn Money with Google Adsense and Wordpress

Posted on 19 Oct 2006 In: blogcourse

If you have been considering a business in online marketing using
Google Adsense then you should consider using Wordpress as a
basis for your site.
Wordpress is a blogging platform that can also be used as a
Content Management System (CMS). Getting content online with
Wordpress is quick and easy, and managing your content is a

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How to Use Blog Trackbacks to Your Advantage

Posted on 19 Oct 2006 In: blogcourse

First of all, what is a blog trackback? A trackback is a type of
blog feature that is used to associate blog posts on different
blogs - or a way to notify a website or another blog that you
have published an entry that references it. The result of this
is that two or more different blogs are able [...]

The first thing you will need to do is sign up at http://www.technorati.com. You can do this on the link to the lower left of the main page, that says Claim My Blog. Fill out the account info and begin the claim process. It will ask you for the URL of your blog. Once you [...]

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