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Brass Ring Blogging Training Category

I am proud to announce Tracy Swartz, The Domestic Gourdess is our first monthly winner of the Brass Ring Blogger award! Congratulations are in order for Tracy who purchased Brass Ring Blogging and in 48 hours had a “gourdacious” blog setup and fully monetized! And yes, she’s already made money from her blog folks — [...]

Did Your Blog Pay Your Bills Last Month?

Posted on 30 Sep 2006 In: Brass Ring Blogging Training

Blogging can hardly escape the attention of Internet Marketers these days as the ultimate way to make money online, but blogging and Wordpress technology is still elusive to the novice who struggles with what many of us take for granted. After spending several months watching our Wordpress blogging income exponentially increase, I also began seeing an equal increase [...]

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