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5 Day Internet Marketing Coaching Intensive In New York

Posted on 20 Nov 2007 In: Coaching

After saying goodbye to our Ohio friends, and wrapping up our final camping trip of the year, we returned home for the only 5 days we spent there in October. But it was certainly a productive 5 days! You see, the more time you spend away from home, you tend to notice a vast difference in how [...]

60 Days On The Road Marketing With The Mulacs

Posted on 18 Nov 2007 In: Coaching, Family Vacations

The past 60 days have found me, Greg and the girls in 7 different states, 3 distinct climates, and a whole realm of business and personal adventure. So it’s little wonder why I am behind on the blog postings. But on the other hand, with the holidays fast approaching (and a lot of great things [...]

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