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May and June thus far have been somewhat of a blur for the Mulac Family Marketers!
The only thing we can be sure of at this point is that we’ve had a tremendous amount of fun and some incredibly productive events, workshops and meetings with friends and marketers.
This includes a phenomenal 9 day trip to Hawaii [...]

Time For A Well Deserved Break At The Beach

Posted on 24 Nov 2007 In: Family Vacations

I had actually planned to be a whole lot more productive once we got to North Carolina! But when I walked into our condo on the beach, saw the surf and realized they were having some unusually warm weather for October, my plans flew out the window and I ”checked out” for a few days!
In fact, truth be [...]

60 Days On The Road Marketing With The Mulacs

Posted on 18 Nov 2007 In: Coaching, Family Vacations

The past 60 days have found me, Greg and the girls in 7 different states, 3 distinct climates, and a whole realm of business and personal adventure. So it’s little wonder why I am behind on the blog postings. But on the other hand, with the holidays fast approaching (and a lot of great things [...]

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