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Were You Born Walking?

Posted on 10 Nov 2005 In: Motivational

Wow, I heard it again today, “I’m not stupid, really I’m not!”
This was a comment from a Newbie who was expressing her frustration with the mountain of concepts and skills she was facing while trying to get started in Internet Marketing. And what does she currently do for a living? She’s a biologist! Yes, a [...]

Who are the Crabs in Your Life?

Posted on 5 Nov 2005 In: Motivational

Going through my photo album the other day, I ran across one of those types of pictures that take you immediately back to a place and time so clearly you relive it. You know the ones, where you can feel the crisp air, smell the aroma, embrace the warmth of a thought or an emotion. [...]

I am excited to announce the addition of my new Blog to http://www.90PercentAttitude.com. I developed 90 Percent Attitude on the premise that Internet Marketers and Home Business Entrepreneurs can succeed if, and only if, they have a strong support system in place to motivate and inspire them toward reaching their goals.
All too often, when people [...]

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