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You Know You’ve Been In Vegas Too Long When…

Posted on 9 Aug 2008 In: Motivational

… Your children’s spelling list includes the words c-h-i-p-p-e-n-d-a-l-e-s AND they spell it right!
As you can see from the photo on the right, not only have we been working hard (no, really, we have been - honest!) but we’ve also be relaxing and taking time out for some silliness since we’ve been on our extended [...]

Not only does summer bring fun and relaxation, it is also a perfect time for life enhancing education, reflection and personal growth.
While Greg and I have been meeting with subscribers and clients in Nevada, Arizona and Utah to assist them in their online endeavors, Marina & Morgan have run away and joined the circus this past week!
They’ve been delighted [...]

Freedom and Opportunity Reflections on Independence Day

Posted on 4 Jul 2008 In: Motivational

As the U.S. focuses it’s attention on Independence and 4th of July celebrations today, I am reflecting on the universal concepts of seizing opportunity and celebrating freedom that Internet Marketing provides - ideals that know no borders and can be shared worldwide.
Are you taking advantage of the opportunity that surrounds you?
Let me give you an example [...]

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