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Today all the buzz is about the 4th of July - fireworks, picnics, and the allĀ important topic of Independence! Here at our home we areĀ no different, the girls are looking forward to an awesome fireworks display tonight (despite the fact we’re under a Tornado watch, of all things, at the moment LOL) and I’ll be [...]

15 Days At Sea Final Winners Recap

Posted on 10 Feb 2007 In: Seminar Adventures

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all
of the 15 Days At Sea contest winners and thank everyone
who participated in this exciting event — especially
Dorothy Allen, without whom this contest would have never
happened! As an added thank you, Dorothy also extended a
coaching session to all of our other generous gift
contributors too!
As we announced [...]

Day 17 of the 15 Days At Sea promotion

Posted on 5 Feb 2007 In: Seminar Adventures

At Home
I spent a relaxing first day back at home enjoying and appreciating my wonderful family!
And with so much to tell, the talking was non-stop from everyone of us, each trying to
fill the other in on the past 2 weeks (or 16 days as my dear husband so aptly pointed out!)
And I am happy to [...]

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