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Day 16 of the 15 Days At Sea promotion

Posted on 4 Feb 2007 In: Seminar Adventures

Now in the Air
After 15 phenomenal days, our adventure at sea has come to an end. And while I am sad to say goodbye to many new and dear friends, I have to admit that thoughts of Greg and our daughters are foremost in my mind and there will be lots of hugs and tears [...]

Day 15 of the 15 Days At Sea promotion

Posted on 3 Feb 2007 In: Seminar Adventures

Still On the OceanĀ 
Today’s seminar brought several excellent lines that had me taking some extra notes and I wanted to share them with you as we head into our final seminar tomorrow.
While many of these are somewhat out of context, I will elaborate more upon my
return. But for now, here are a few things to [...]

Day 14 of the 15 Days At Sea promotion

Posted on 2 Feb 2007 In: Seminar Adventures

On the OceanĀ 
As we near the end of our wonderful adventure, the seminar mood is intensifying
and the questions we experienced today were quite moving.
Almost everyone was deeply moved in one form or another today and Abraham concluded
with assurances that all questions would be asked and answered before the conclusion
of the seminars.
We’ve got two more seminar [...]

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