After saying goodbye to our Ohio friends, and wrapping up our final camping trip of the year, we returned home for the only 5 days we spent there in October. But it was certainly a productive 5 days! You see, the more time you spend away from home, you tend to notice a vast difference in how your house looks when you return. You see things you never saw before, and you experience your “living space,” in a whole new way.

Bottom line? It was time to hire a Professional Organizer and if I wanted to accomplish my goals of re-doing our entire house before the holidays, I had about 5 days to set the stage, so we could begin the project in November when we returned from our travels. So that’s how I used my 5 days at home in October - we interviewed organizers, set a schedule and pretty much planned the entire adventure (more on that in a future post) before we headed to Joe and Jackie in New York…

Our 5 Day Coaching Intensive:

The next October stop was the beautiful Finger Lakes in New York to coach a wonderful couple - Joe and Jackie - for what we call our “coaching intensive.” The fall colors on the trees between Pennsylvania and New York were absolutely breathtaking and we arrived relaxed and ready to begin an extremely productive 5 days of business - non-stop! 

Now, I would put forth that it is sheer “joy” to spend 5 straight days with me - but I am open to the possiblity that others may not share my perspective! LOL Regardless of who tells the story, our 5 Day Coaching Intensive is one of the most productive, efficient and fast track methods of kick-starting your online business. It is BESIDE THE POINT that some people think I’m a slave driver! Just because I was still working as everyone headed to bed, and I greated them (cup of coffee in hand) as soon as they woke up each morning - is that ANY REASON for them to run each time they see me coming???

Seriously, Joe and Jackie - two extremely accomplished and credentialed surgeons - are looking to lay a foundation for their future retirement plans and our job was to create a business for them from start to “nearly” finish in 5 days. And Greg and I truly put them through their paces, but they certainly rose to the occasion and worked non-stop during our stay.

The outcome? Two full blogs, 2 membership sites, 3 giveaway gifts, 2 squeeze pages, a selection of articles submitted to the directories, and an autoresponder for list building in place across all the sites in 5 days flat! Whew - no wonder they were tired!

In the weeks to come, I will share their progress with you and give you an opportunity to see their handiwork! For now they are still busy putting the finishing touches on everything and settling in to the action plan schedule we left them with!

And don’t think we didn’t squeeze in plenty of time for fun and education for the girls while we were in New York. Not only did we sample the local delights - picking apples right off the trees at one of the local orchards and munching down on fresh apple fritters (yummy!) we also visited historic landmarks and took time for adding NY geography to the girls’ homeschooling lessons as well.

After a pretty intense week in NY, we headed south to North Carolina… Check back tomorrow to see who we met along the way…


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