I had actually planned to be a whole lot more productive once we got to North Carolina! But when I walked into our condo on the beach, saw the surf and realized they were having some unusually warm weather for October, my plans flew out the window and I ”checked out” for a few days!

In fact, truth be known, I found the sounds of the surf so relaxing, that I kept napping on the living room couch every opportunity I could! And do you know what? We ALL needed it - and you do too from time to time! Don’t ever forget it! Pictured at right is Morgan at the wedding reminding us all to “take time to smell the roses!”

We had some great fun at the beach… take a look here:

The main reason for our visit to North Carolina was to attend the wedding of Greg’s very best friend in the whole world (aside from me, of course LOL). In fact, Bob was the best man at our own wedding, so it was only fitting that we’d be there for his!  

Then again, men being men - it was also apparently only fitting that Bob naturally assumed that Greg would also realize he was the best man this time around! He just never mentioned that ahead of time - can you imagine a woman leaving out that little detail?

No worries though, we got plenty of laughs over the whole thing!

(After an emergency trip to the store for a tie that at least matched the wedding colors! Geesh!)

Catch the picture here - it’s one of the VERY FEW times you’ll ever see Greg in a suit these days - so I just had to throw it in! LOL

So we played, we ate and then we ate some more. In fact, I was in heaven to be back to the beach where seafood was plentiful and over the week that we were there, I got my fill and then some! We even went back twice to a place called Michaels Seafood, where the platter was as big as a party try - complete with lobster, crab, mussels, clams, oysters, shrimp, and more! I thought I was in heaven and I managed to finished every last bit of it - almost single handedly, as the girls both had their own crab legs to conquer!

We also continued the educational theme throughout our visit and spent the day at the North Carolina Aquarium and were delighted in all the sites and sounds. The girls got to experience hands on displays, hold a star fish, and get up close and personal with sharks, gators, and all manner of marine life. We also took a trip to see the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship and it’s imposing size against the backdrop of the ocean.

And because of the warm temperature, we were even able to swim in the ocean - with Morgan becoming a self-proclaimed “surfer dude!” We collected shells, built sand castles, and all the while took a well needed rest from an extremely fast paced month of travel before heading home.



Little did we know… the “work” had only just begun! Remember I mentioned the Professional Organizer a few posts ago? Well, she arrived 4 days after we returned to Pennsylvania… Don’t miss this adventure!

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