As affiliate marketers, Greg and I were thrilled to attend Ross Goldberg’s Midwest Marketing Seminar in Wisconsin recently and had the pleasure of meeting some of our own subscribers, as well as affiliates, jv partners and many other top Internet Marketers we admire and respect.

What you didn’t know is that while Ross was flipping out over how cute our daughters were, we took advantage of his distraction and stole an Exclusive Sneak Peek just for you of his latest product - Affiliate Marketing 2.0 - all while he wasn’t looking!

We went behind the scenes and found out all about the Affiliate Marketing 2.0 Evolution as told by none other than Mr. Web 2.0 himself! And we uncovered a boatload of info on not only Social Networking for Affiliate Marketers, but methods of skyrocketing affilaite commissions, techniques to build your list, triple your old conversion rates, secrets to finding out about new launches and much, much more!

While Ross was playing hide & seek, we’ve leaked it all… including our unprecedented “Sneak Peek Bonus” package for Fast Movers! Get All The Details Here! 


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