May and June thus far have been somewhat of a blur for the Mulac Family Marketers!


The only thing we can be sure of at this point is that we’ve had a tremendous amount of fun and some incredibly productive events, workshops and meetings with friends and marketers.


This includes a phenomenal 9 day trip to Hawaii and we squeezed fun into every bit of our stay there outside of 3 days of 12 hours of marketing training I filmed for Quantum University. When I got invited to film an extensive marketing course for the online university’s Integrative Medicine professionals, I knew we just had to turn it into a vacation for the whole family and that is exactly what we did!


While in Oahu, we stayed at Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort - a destination in and of itself! I hear tell that many people go there and never even leave the property for their entire stay. But us Mulacs on the otherhand, traversed the entire island, from the infamous shrimp trucks (makes my mouth water just to type that!), to Haunauma Bay snorkeling, a rare whale siting (for this time of year), the blow hole, the surfers, an out of this world Luau at Paradise Cove, lei making, hula dancing, shave ice, a trip to the Honolulu Zoo, and yes… KILLER SUSHI!


You can see all the pictures here - or at least most of them!


We made the most of our 9 days for sure, and even amongst all the fun, it was still a “workation” that ended up paying for itself - the foundation of what we teach all of our coaching students as they pursue the lifestyle of their dreams.


The Quantum Marketing Training was 12 hours of pure no-nonsense content during which I laid out the entire blueprint for building a solid and profitable online web presence. And while the training was live via webinar, it is still possible to register for the training and take the course on your own time. Click Here for Details.

As to the other things we’ve got going on, I will endeavor to keep the posts moving and update you on the many other things we’ve got underway. There is a multitude of great opportunities for you coming in the months ahead, and I want to make sure you don’t miss one moment of it!


To Your Infinite Evolution!

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