About a week ago, I ran a 3 Day Special and made an unprecedented offer on a service we normally only offer to our highest paying mentoring students.

I figured cutting it off at 30 fast movers would be plenty to handle those interested in having us do an entire business model evaluation for people looking to transform their online endeavors and take their earnings to the next level.

Well, I was WRONG!

Thirty spots didn’t even begin to address the avalanche that happened and we ended up turning 100s of people away.

But ever since we closed the doors, this has been bothering me…

On the one hand, I don’t like denying people who have a sincere desire to succeed; but on the other hand, I also stay true to my word.

Then I got the following email back from one of the people who bought the evaluation and it read as follows:


Hi Stephanie and Greg:

WOW - is the least I can say about your evaluation report. I never expected
such a elaborate, extensive and concise report. You have given me so much
information and guidelines to follow; it’s mind-boggling. It doesn’t look like
you’ve left any rock unturned. Your knowledge has really opened my eyes!

Thanks very much. I can honestly say it was “money well spent”.

Larry Ference
Langley, BC Canada


Well, that pushed me over the edge and I knew I had to make a decision.

My “decision” is to ask for your understanding that even though I originally said “only the first 30″ - I am now re-opening the offer and letting everyone in who didn’t get a chance the first time around.

But that also means that even if you missed my first email, this offer is now available to you too - otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair!

This is your second chance - claim it here:


I appreciate you understanding that while my word is gold, so too is my desire to help others. And denying even one person the opportunity to change the course of their life would crush me - so thank you for allowing me this chance!

To Your Infinite Evolution!

P.S. You really have Larry to thank, becuase when I saw the difference we made for him, I knew re-opening this offer was the right thing to do; and I think you’ll agree:


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