You know, a lot of people might say that starting a pre-launch immediately after being gone at an event for 4 days is a little bit of a challenge…

And then they might further believe that doing it the day after your husband gets on a plane for a week long trip, that it starts to border a bit on insanity… (especially given the fact that “hubby” is a key player in the launch as well as the overall business LOL)

But deciding to switch dedicated servers 24 hours into the launch and move nearly every site that exists to a new home - well, ok, even I have to admit there’s a bit of moxy involved there!

Yes - all of the above and even a little more has been going on behind the scenes during the pre-launch of 90 Percent Attitude which has started with the amazing report - “Fire Your Family”

And yet - it’s all gone off without a hitch - and truthfully, that’s really the whole point of the 90 Percent Attitude concept.

Here’s what I mean…

If you wait until the “perfect time” in life to do things - it’s never gonna happen! There will always be distractions, obligations, challenges and more! (If all that stops - life will likely have stopped right along with it.) So to wait is to delay action. To prepare, assemble the team and the tools, and go for it is what success is all about.

So often, we see people fall into the trap of waiting and justifying the wait on the basis of the timing not being right. But while they are trying to manufacture the elusive “perfect time,” others pass them by and beat them to the punch almost like clockwork.

How many times have you thought of an idea and sat on it for a while, only to see someone pop up shortly thereafter doing the exact same thing? What was your first reaction? “Hey, they took my great idea!” Well… no, they didn’t TAKE it, they TOOK ACTION on it - and those two concepts are miles and miles apart from one another.

Are you the one who thinks of the idea or takes action on it? The decision is all up to you!

Have Fun & Fortune!

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