Breathtaking is the most fitting word to describe the weekend the Greg, Marina, Morgan and I just had at Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Speaking Event in Los Angeles. There are events and then there are MEGA EVENTS and this was the most awe inspiring weekend we’ve ever experienced!

A huge thanks to our dear friend Manny Goldman who was instrumental in our involvement in the event that drew well over 500 attendees for a weekend of internal exploration, motivation and uplifting education for speakers from around the world.

As is always the case, events like this present the opportunity to meet new friends and this event was no exception.

We were honored to spend time with Mark Victor Hansen and the girls delighted in watching Mark coerce $5 dollar bills out of the incredible environmental marine life artist Wyland so he could sign his autograph on the bills for the girls.

Shown in the next picture are Morgan and Marina with Mark and Wyland after the “shake down”…


The girls are already learning the fine art of negotiation - as Marina promised Wyland that his $5 bill would NEVER show up on Ebay!


Although she did ask me later whether Mark’s bill or Wyland’s bill would command a higher bid? Mommy’s reply, they are both “priceless!” (Whew, covered myself with that one!)

And priceless indeed was the experience to be in the company of so many powerful superstars who are making a difference in the lives of so many! We are continually grateful to give our daughters the opportunity to experience life at this level and see first hand how it’s others are impacting the world!

But the real WOW Factor of the weekend for us was meeting the incredible and talented Lynn Rose - her eclectic energy and powerful vocals catapulted us throughout the weekend to our feet as you can see in the following video. But perhaps the most delighted of all was Morgan who worked Lynn’s booth selling her CDs and proudly earned $3 in affiliate commissions! LOL

Not content just to sit idle, Morgan also befriended Brad Morris and learned the “Gratitude Dance,” a moment we regretfully didn’t capture on film. But you can learn more about Brad (pictured below with Morgan after their dance fest) and The GratiDudes mission to work with the next generation of leaders to enable them to become powerful Agents-of-Change in a world at need, by guiding people to live their life to the fullest and on purpose while Manifesting Awesomeness. Get more GratiDudes details here.


And rounding out the weekend were the angels behind the scenes…

Headed up by Amber Leigh Salisbury, this dedicated hardworking group of individuals made miracles happen for so many of the attendees it is beyond belief! Pictured here are the girls with Chrissy Rodriguez and certified hypnotherapist, Debra Mittler - who touched the girls lives and provided many hours of energy.

A fabulous event indeed!

A huge thank you to Mark Victor Hansen for bringing this energy and momentum to our family and many others who will begin this week causing “ripples” that will be felt around the world!

In Gratitude!
Stephanie, Greg, Morgan and Marina

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