Not too long ago, here at Mulac central, we began to realize that our web presence wasn’t accurately reflecting everything that we were doing online (and off) and it was time for a major overhaul.

Today, we are unveiling the first in a series of changes that you will see coming your way from the Mulac Family Marketers - our new blog theme and title:

Infinite Evolution News!

While this first change is mostly cosmetic, I want to share with you a bit of what’s to come and invite you to look within and do some critical examination of your own online presence and make sure you haven’t become “tired and old.” 

Afterall, think about where we all were just 2-3 years ago (let alone 5-7 or more years back) and compare the technology, social media, products and services that we have at our disposal today.

If your sites don’t reflect all that you are doing today - like us, it’s probably time for a change…

For us, the metamorphasis that has taken place over the past several years comes down to the fact that we can expose you to the most extraordinary ways of making money online that have ever existed, but if your own “head” isn’t right, and you don’t take inspired action on the investments you make - no amount of products or services will ever elevate you to the lifestyle you are seeking.

As a result, our interaction with clients, subscribers and buyers has evolved into more of a well rounded or ”holistic” approach - factoring in ALL of the elements that need to be present for success - not just selling you the latest trick, technique or widget and then disappearing from your life.

Sadly, we continue to see thousands of dollars spent on “hope” by eager marketers who at the end of the day have nothing left to show for it than:

* A cluttered desktop
* Less focus than ever before, and
* Frustration that’s skyhigh and mounting daily!

Your potential is “Infinite” and by tapping into the possibilities that exist, your own personal “Evolution” will unfold before your very eyes as we continue to embark on this extraordinary journey together!

Thus, this blog - Infinite Evolution News, will serve as a dynamic hub that will keep you updated in real time with all the ways we are fulfilling our mission of  “Changing Lives with Vision and Integrity.”

Through the years, we have refined our techniques to assist others in overcoming their challenges and as we unveil our new sites and programs in the coming months, it will be easier than ever for you to interact with us directly and make the most out of what we have to offer you in your quest for success!

Now it’s your turn…

Ask yourself these questions:

==> Are you engaged in new and improved things beyond what you were doing a year ago? Two years ago?

==>  Do your blogs and websites accurately reflect these new changes?

==>  Can someone easily determine your “brand” and what you have to offer in a quick glance, or would they have to dig through page after page to get the proper picture?

==>  Have you incorporated social media, audio, video and new technologies into your existing sites?

If I were to ask you to give me just one single site of yours to go to that would tell me everything I need to know about your products and services and why I should do business with you - what would that domain be?

Do you even have such a site or would you have to send me in several different directions in order to get the full scope?

When you start to think in these terms and take stock of everything you are involved in, you will quickly see the areas that are in need of revamping and be able to begin your own personal web presence makeover.

You’ve now seen our first step and we are looking forward to feedback from you…

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of our blog makeover.

And if this post has struck a chord with you, tell us about what you think you can do to enhance your own online presense and how we can be of further service to you in attaining those goals.

To Your Infinite Evolution!

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