globe4mom1Sitting here this morning, I’m reflecting on the extraordinary gift that motherhood means to me.

My thoughts move between the blessings that our own daughters, Marina and Morgan bring to our life daily; and then memories of my own dear departed mother warm my heart as I know her influence is the foundation of my existence.


We are constantly commended on the job we are doing raising our two delightful daughters, but the real praise goes to my own mother who taught me the virtues that we instill in our own children today.

Back in the day, the messages were simple…

> Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
> It is better to give than to receive!
> Believe in yourself!
> Honesty is the best policy!

Today we find these same priciples interwoven in Law of Attraction circles, personal growth teachings, and metaphysical beliefs, but when all is said and done, regardless of your chosen wrapping - it still comes down to:


Whether toward ourselves or others - these are the values that “mom” taught us!

In our cluttered lives and business dealings though, it is these basics that are often the easiest to forget and in my humble opinion the division between success and failure. 

I recently received an email that exemplifies my premise…

Now, I want to preface this by saying that we coach our own students to “ignore and simply move on” when faced with an email like the one I am about to share with you (and 99% of the time, I take our own advice as well.)

But in this instance, for some reason I felt compelled to reply.

In retrospect, I now know that I replied because it struck a chord with me on two levels of the core principles mom taught me - Better to give… and Treatment of Others.

It all started as a result of a “free” gift I offered my valued subscribers this weekend. This gift is a CD designed for assisting you in taking Massive Action and produced by a leader that we know personally and respect a great deal. This is something that WILL help all who take the initiative to listen to and apply. 

And of course, because this is a physical product, there are indeed costs associated with its production and shipment.  And from the start I made it clear in my very first email that we were asking for a nominal fee for covering these costs.

Now, according to popular “marketing wisdom” - I was supposed to withhold that information until the reader got sucked in and then drop the other shoe, right?


Sorry, but for us, Ethics trumps Marketing convention every time - EVEN if it mean committing a cardinal marketing sin! LOL

So I laid it out straight, emailed my list, told them upfront about the shipping costs… and here is a reply I received from a Mr. B:


Free means without cost or other encumbrances
or obligations.

Free is NOT free if you have to pay ANYTHING or
perform some other action (short of clicking a button)
to get it.

One of these days the supposedly intelligent will realize
this and start using the phrase ‘for the price of shipping
and handling’ instead of the word free.

Until then, I will deal only with those who ARE intelligent,
and provide what they say for what they say.

Unfortunately, you will not be one of them since you will
not be able to mail me, will you?


Hello Mr. B,

I am curious… does what you put in your comment
section make you feel more intelligent & superior?

Do you feel better having done that and has it
furthered your own personal goals today?
For my part, I help others achieve extraordinary
heights in their personal and private lives,  and if
“semantics” are what stands in the way of you
and I doing business - then I concur - you are
best not to stay on my list.
Best of luck in your endeavors,

Now being called unintelligent notwithstanding (LOL) I am being completely transparent in sharing this experience with you for a multitude of reasons that I believe will further your own success and inspire you a little along the way…

First - do you think this man would have the nerve to say this to my face? Or does he get his courage simply by hiding behind a computer screen? Would he look me in the eye with my daughters standing nearby and call their mom a dumb fool? My bet is no! But the lesson here is that in all of our online dealings there are real people on the other side of that computer screen and your words will always remain to be a reflection of who you are and what you have to offer others - so choose them wisely!

Second - In a recent ebook I wrote - The Care and Feeding - I cover this concept of  “do unto others” extensively when teaching how to develop rapport with your lists and build a brand and reputation. But at the end, I also included a critical section on when it is appropriate to “Fire” a subscriber, and Mr. B will now be the poster child for the most apt example of when to unsubscribe someone from your list.

Third - The irony of all of this is that it started because I shared a free gift that I believed in my heart would change the lives of all who listened to it! Once again, I could invoke the marketing schtick and say “I don’t care whether you take advantage of this or not…”  but I’m sorry - I DO CARE!

I want you to get this, I Want you to listen to it, and I WANT you to succeed! Click Here To Get the Massive Action CD Now.

My passion is helping others attain the lifestyle of their dreams because I know how wonderful that attainment is! I want that for you and when I find something that I think can further the cause - YOU are going to hear about it and I am going to be your most ardent supporter.

And I felt so strongly about the benefits of this CD, that I’ve even arranged for a free follow-up coaching call to reinforce the gift (”free” that is, unless you want to argue semantics that you pay the phone company to make the call (rofl)

So on this Mother’s Day 2009, as my own mom remains in spirit - I want to thank you for the values you’ve given me and let you know that as I endeavor to help others around the world… what Mom taught me will NEVER be forgotten!


What about you? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on this wonderful day…

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