We have just returned from the World Internet Main Event (WIME) in San Francisco, California and the experience will truly last a lifetime. There are almost no adequate words to describe the friendships that were formed and the opportunities presented. It is huge! And I can’t stress enough the value of attending such an event!


Our entire family participated and each of us took something away that will be with us forever. For me, having an opportunity to personally meet many of our existing JV partners and get to know them beyond email communication was priceless. For Greg, the projects that he arranged and the bonds that were formed will be evident in the coming months as the content of what we have coming up will combine some of the most talented marketers in the industry. And for our daughters, they learned more in 5 days than their friends will learn in school all year!

Around every corner there was a surprise… the girls got to report their MommysBirthday firesale stats live on stage, I met Alex Mandossian whom I respect and admire beyond belief, our good friend Manny Goldman was a suprise attendee and we got to meet Vania, his lovely wife of only 6 weeks, we had professional photos taken… we hung out with Vince, Melvina and Gobala - the three musketeers… we were charmed by the witty Robert Puddy until our sides hurt from laughing… Richelo Killian was brilliant… Brian Koz, Tim Brocklehurst, Bob The Teacher, Kristi Sayles, and more… the list goes on and on…

And then there was our first time meeting with Odinn Sorensen. We became associated with Odinn only a few short weeks before leaving for WIME, but the early association by email was only a small snippet of the bond that was formed the moment we met. And this is a classic example of how attending a live event can be lifechanging. We covered more ground in a few days than we would have been able to accomplish in months through convention online communication.

We came as friends we left as family! View all the pics here


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