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Spring Cleaning - Internet Marketing Style

Posted on 2 Apr 2006 In: Internet Marketing

As signs of Spring start to rise all around us and that Spring Cleaning bug hits, I have to admit I have been caught up in the frenzie too. Unfortunately for the rest of my family though, it isn’t the house that’s commanding my attention. MY Spring Cleaning is of a different nature — I am on a mission to clean, organize, backup and weed out my computer and Internet Marketing material. Yes, that’s right, LET’S GET ORGANIZED!
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Saying Thank You Has Its Own Rewards

Posted on 24 Mar 2006 In: Motivational

Several weeks ago I wrote a thank you letter to an organization that had performed a variety of services for me. This wasn’t an Internet Marketing testimonial letter as we all think about so frequently, but an actual letter that was sent to a private sector community organization. My experience with this fine group of people was so impressive that I felt it would be wrong not to share my satisfation with the director of the organization.
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Go Sit In A Corner - Self Imposed “Time Outs”

Posted on 18 Mar 2006 In: Motivational

When I want to “get away from it all,” I have a corner that I go sit in. My corner is not the “nose to the wall, don’t look around or talk to anyone” kind of place — although symbolically it could amount to that. And it is certainly not a punishment. To the contrary, it is my space that I’ve created to step back and take a break. I have decorated my space with things that are particularly meaningful to me. There are candles (my passion) and there is a photo of my family, some magazines and books for me to browse, and a few other things that pamper me while I am sitting in my corner taking my “time out.”
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