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Dealing With Difficult People - Less Is More

Posted on 14 Mar 2006 In: Motivational

I am a big proponent of talking things out and candid communication. In fact, in most instances this is the best approach to any aspect of our lives. However, there are some instances where I find the less said the better. And often this can be even more productive in the long run.

You might know the type of person I’m speaking of… The one you can never win with. Too often, this type of person is in their own little world, they hear nothing that’s said anyway and even if they “hear” it, they don’t think its applicable to them. These are the instances wherein I say to myself, “words are going to be wasted here, bide your time and pick your battles.” Otherwise, I am spinning my wheels and simply frustrating myself because any attempt at communication goes unrewarded.
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Exciting New Changes are underway!! (i.e., more succes, more profits, more resources!)

My website is in the process of undergoing some major revisions! It’s already got a new look, but in addition to that, I have posted some new articles that will enhance your online Internet Marketing efforts whether you are a newbie or an experienced adsense, affiliate, SEO, or other expert marketer. The first is on Website Design Basics and it details ways to boost your image and increase your click throughs. Another one is a thought provoking article on Focus which gives you practical, no-nonsense advice on how to grow your Internet Marketing empire! There are also several more, so go check it out!
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Practical “Think Positive” Exercise

Posted on 12 Mar 2006 In: Motivational

Here is a practical exercise that I often suggest which will start putting you in a mode to apply the priciples of Positive Thinking in your daily lives:

No matter how hard we try, negative thoughts will always creep into our minds at any given time throughout the day, sometimes even before we know it. It may be an €œOh, great, that€™s just what I needed, more work€ when you accidentally knock over a cup of coffee or it might be more significant like losing a customer when you least expect it. The difference lies within how you react to each event and how effective you are at turning it around.

In today€™s exercise, you will make a point of stopping negative thoughts in their tracks. For the next several hours, stay aware of any negative energy that comes your way and if it does, stop yourself and insist upon finding something positive in it. For example, let€™s say you lose a client and your first reaction is fear, worry, anger, etc. Stop yourself and say: This might be the best thing that could have happened, because now I can devote some extra time to pursuing a larger project that will make me even more money! And instead of crying over your €œspilled coffee,€ while you are wiping it up, look around the room and use the towel to clean a spot that you€™ve been meaning to cleanup for awhile, but never get around to. Get the idea?

Now, I challenge you to make sure that each and every little thing that happens over the next several hours, you will find SOMETHING good in it. Be it large or small, find one positive outcome. Tomorrow, try the same thing. When the alarm goes off, don€™t groan and roll back over. Be excited that you had a restful night€™s sleep and now have the opportunity to accomplish something today! Once you start readjusting your mind to the way you react to things it will become second nature. It will take some practice, and you may have to come back to this blog post as a reminder, but before you know it, your negative thoughts will be replaced by positive ones and you will notice a world of difference in the energy you have.

Rest assured, in a few days, I will be checking back in as a virtual reminder to see if you are still doing your homework! Afterall, that’s what a positive support system of friends is all about!

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