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Share Your Thanksgiving Traditions With Our Online Family

Posted on 27 Nov 2008 In: Motivational

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today in parts of the world, I would like to share a few of the traditions that the Mulac family embraces during this day of gratitude and I invite you to leave a comment and share some traditions and gratitude of your own.

Keep reading to discover what our own traditions entail and make sure you grab the special free gift I have waiting for you at the end of this post - another of my own traditions that is my small token of appreciation from us to you!

You are part of our online family and as you read this, know that no matter how near or far, we count you today as one of our blessings. To have been able to be a part of your life this past year embodies the passion we have in helping others achieve the lifestyle of their dreams and our gratitude and heartfelt wishes go out to you and those your hold dear.

As many know, the Mulac Family Marketers have been mobile for most of this year, traveling the U.S. via Motorhome, so the prospect of a Traditional Thanksgiving posed some new challenges. But the tradition alone that my dear mother instilled is taking the old and merging it with the new, and that’s been exactly the theme this year.

While my mother is no longer with us, the traditions that I knew as a child are alive and well and I am honored to pass them to our own daughters in hopes that they will reach adulthood with the same joy and warm memories I feel today as the festivities get underway…

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Breathtaking is the most fitting word to describe the weekend the Greg, Marina, Morgan and I just had at Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Speaking Event in Los Angeles. There are events and then there are MEGA EVENTS and this was the most awe inspiring weekend we’ve ever experienced!

A huge thanks to our dear friend Manny Goldman who was instrumental in our involvement in the event that drew well over 500 attendees for a weekend of internal exploration, motivation and uplifting education for speakers from around the world.

As is always the case, events like this present the opportunity to meet new friends and this event was no exception.

We were honored to spend time with Mark Victor Hansen and the girls delighted in watching Mark coerce $5 dollar bills out of the incredible environmental marine life artist Wyland so he could sign his autograph on the bills for the girls.

Shown in the next picture are Morgan and Marina with Mark and Wyland after the “shake down”…

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Making a difference in people’s lives and business endeavors is truly what makes Greg and I thrive. And it’s also what we stress to our own daughters who get to witness first hand how we help others daily. It just doesn’t get any better!

With the Self Improvement Gifts 3 Giveaway Event barely 3 days old - the email messages of praise coming in from around the world have been nothing short of spectacular. Likewise, the Contributors and Members of this event are shining stars as well - and all are to be congratulated!

We’ve got over 200+ gifts covering every area of Self-Improvement, Personal Growth, and Self Help that you can imagine and more are being added daily to this Personal Development Extravaganza.

For all who are participating - the kudos go every bit to you as well as to me, so I wanted to share some of the comments I’ve received already - and feel free to use this post to make additional comments of praise for all to see…

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