After yesterday’s email, I got an excellent question from an astute subscriber about the difference between RAP (Rapid Action Profits) versus the very compelling offer I announced for Custom Shopping Carts.

I say it was an excellent question, because there is no doubt in anyone’s mind who has followed me for awhile that I am an ardent supporter of Rapid Action Profits and my belief is that any marketer who’s transacting business online should own a copy of the Rapid Action Profits software.

But my RAP recommendations come with a qualification and it is based upon the fact that many people outside of the Internet Marketing niche are in need of a “store” to showcase physical products, and therein lies the difference between RAP and a Shopping Cart Solution.

Here is a brief explanation of the strengths of each and what is really comes down to is which fits your business model better:

Rapid Action Profits - This is my all time favorite software for digital product delivery, but for physical products, it presents some challenges. (It can be done, but not without some custom programming mods).  RAP is basically setup to put one product on one page
and sell it as a stand alone item (or membership subscription) that’s downloaded immediately after the sale. It has a killer affiliate program built-in and you can also create one time offer pages as well as back end upsells. It is truly an Internet Marketer’s dream come true and I’d be lost without it! 
If this fits your business model - there is NOTHING on the market that is better - learn more here:
Shopping Carts - These are more specifically for someone who has 1 or more physical products that require shipping. Think of it as an online “store” in which you can offer your own products, drop ship products, affiliate products, as well as digital downloads. As a
“store,” this is not based upon one product one page, but rather unlimited categories into which you can list multiple products with pictures, descriptions, and pricing.

Where things get tricky though, is that not all shopping carts are created equal…

==> Some are hosted, some are stand alone. Hosted solutions often come with a very pricey monthly fee and the cart is never “yours,” which can create a great deal of future problems.

==> Some offer an affiliate program so others can earn commission by selling for you - but most don’t and require additional software or plug-ins - often to the tune of several hundred dollars extra

==> Some are VERY difficult to navigate and don’t allow for adding content like articles, info pages, etc., very easily.

==> Some are in the SEO dead zone - unlikely to EVER be found by the search engines.

All of the above and more is why the special offer I announced yesterday is so astounding. To read about all of the extensive features and solutions we’ve developed, click here for the special offer.

You see, when my own clients had needs outside of the IM arena and had to have a shopping cart - nothing short of the best would work! I made sure that all of the shopping cart pitfalls were addressed and our ecommerce shopping cart solution is the best you will find!

Now, I am simply passing all my research, hard work and development on to you - Custom Shopping Cart Special Offer - and there are 6 left at the introductory price as of this writing, so don’t delay.

If this fits YOUR business model - go for it!

To Your Infinite Evolution!

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